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In 2021, a small project was conducted to find out how students wanted to be communicated with (were there any tips and tricks that we were not already using?). The final list provided a few new ideas and have led to a broader discussion within Library and Learning Services about the way in which we communicate to all our stakeholders:

  • Chalk boards in walkways (being used by Waterside Campus restaurant in walkways) 
  • Paper handouts on tables (used sometimes in food areas) 
  • Rollup banner 
  • Digital screens 
  • Email  
  • Social Media (noted that F/book popularity decreasing) but Instagram could be useful 
  • MyNorthampton / local app – it was asked if can it do notifications? 
  • NILE / VLE homepage 

 The group noted that we should use more of: 

  • Targeted messages (perhaps by subject area) 
  • Memes 
  • Put up main survey results on screen and what we are doing about them 
  • Have a competition which encourages user generated content 
  • Short tips 
  • Quick videos (under 3 mins….ideally much less) 

 They suggested that messages could use: 

  • Capital letters 
  • Note when services are FREE 
  • Bold text 
  • Text which is short and focused 
  • Text which quickly highlights the benefits and opportunities of the message 

It was noted that senders should be cautious of jokes / cartoons  – the message needs to apply to all and not offend audiences. 

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Link to video case study.

Senior Lecturer in Marketing Kardi Somerfield provides a reflective insight into how students can be involved in both module content creation and assessment design, by facilitating online debates which inform the end of year exam.

Working with third year Marketing students in the module ‘Issues of Advertising Practice’,  Kardi encourages her students to view the debates as an opportunity for democratic learning by giving them the role of a weekly chair. To fulfil this role students must begin a topic with their own question, host a debate and nominate a best post of the week.

Her approach has been highly commended by the module’s External Examiners as being innovative and well run. The Dean of Learning and Teaching, Prof Ale Armellini said: “Kardi’s approach is highly engaging for students, as well as rigorous and innovative. This is an exemplar of active blended learning in practice, where student centredness, personalisation and interaction operate together towards the achievement of outcomes and a fantastic learning experience”.