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Alison Power, Associate Professor (Learning and Teaching), Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, FHES

Demystifying the Digital World: supporting midwifery students to develop digital competence and confidence

Presentation at: Teaching and supporting a digital future: UoN Showcase 4th February 2022

To meet Professional Standards for pre-registration midwifery education, ‘technology-enhanced [and simulated] learning opportunities’ (NMC, 2019a:10) are embedded in the curriculum in a first-year module which aims to develop students’ digital and technological literacy.

At the start of the module students undertake self-assessments of digital competency using three online platforms (UoN’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the NHS IT Skills Pathway ‘Digital Learning Solutions’ (DLS) and the JISC ‘Building Digital Capability’ website) to identify their digital learning needs. All three platforms then offer a suite of e-learning packages for students to complete, targeting their areas for development. The module is largely delivered online and uses a range of innovative and dynamic learning and teaching approaches for students to engage with both synchronously and asynchronously.

The first cohort to complete the module were asked about their experiences via an online survey and all respondents agreed that the module had been successful in its aim of developing their digital confidence and competence.

The recording of the event is available to view

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“Digital capability at the University of Northampton (UoN) enables our mission and vision for the students, staff and external collaborators to be socially innovative, employable members of society by developing the skills to become digitally fluent and professional through the use of Active Blended Learning (ABL), interaction, and collaboration to thrive in a digital world.”

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Whilst we are getting familiar with different technologies, we don’t always step back and have a look at the big picture of our digital capability profile. Doing this allows us to pick out areas where we may need to spend a bit more time for self improvement – working smarter and not harder.

The University has just subscribed to a tool which allows all staff and students to complete a simple set of questions and be directed to useful resources depending on the answers provided. This builds on requests in recent staff and student questionnaires for a way in which people could identify their current skills and areas for improvement.

Whilst the results are personal to the individual completing the questions – there is an opportunity to export the results to share with others during discussions (such as line manager or personal tutor).

In order to access the tool then:

Log in at with these details:

Put the Organisation as ‘University of Northampton

Login with your normal staff or student account.

If this is the first time you have logged in then just complete the registration information.

For staff, from the home page on the left click onto “Explore your overall digital capabilities”

For students, from the home page on the left click onto “New students” or “Current students” depending on your status.

Once you have completed the questions (approx 10 mins) then a report will be generated to show areas where you are strong or need to improve on 15 different dimensions:

Below the chart will be a list of suggested links to develop your skills in each of the areas shown.

You can redo the questions at any point to update your profile.

Having a good Digital fitness or capability can also help to enhance your employability prospects and help to develop your employability skills. For more information on both employability skills, the Employability Plus Award and the Northampton Employment Promise please visit the Changemaker Hub Portal.

For any further questions then please contact or

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