With an overload of information and such dichotomous opinions about Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is difficult to know where to begin; especially if you are yet to experience using AI at all. One starting point is to find out where you are with your own knowledge and the Jisc discovery tool can assist with this.

The discovery tool, which was introduced to UON in 2020, is a developmental tool that students and staff can use to self-assess their digital capabilities, identify their strengths, and highlight opportunities to develop skills. The tool has been recently updated to include a question set for both staff and students on their capability and proficiency with AI and generative AI tools.

The question sets for students and staff have been developed with assistance from Jisc and aligns with the latest AI advice and AI guiding principles developed by Jisc and the Russell Group on the responsible and equitable use of AI to enhance learning and teaching.

How the discovery tool helps students and teachers

The new question sets provide users with a basis to self-assess their skills and knowledge of what AI is and how it could, or should, be used in the context of their studies or role.

An image of a wheel that is divided into sections to show a users confidence level with different areas of the question set.
Example of the AI Question set report wheel

Once users complete the question set, they can then access a personalised report with a confidence rating which will vary from ‘developing’ through ‘capable’ to ‘proficient’ depending on their experience. The report also provides recommendations and courses on how to advance knowledge around AI.

Images to show a sample of the resources that are available once the report has been generated
A sample of the resources that are available once the report has been generated

Users can repeat any of the discovery tool’s question sets at any point and therefore keep a dynamic view of their confidence levels.

Where can I access the tool?

Click here to log straight into the discovery tool and the AI question set, or copy and paste the link below into your address bar.


How can I Support Students?

To assist students in enhancing their digital skills and their knowledge and understanding of AI, we have put together a student guide which can be found here. It may also be helpful to add a link to this guide, or to the discovery tool itself, within NILE courses.

What if I would like to know more?

For more information about how to use the discovery tool, see: https://digitalcapability.jisc.ac.uk/resources-and-community/discovery-tool-guidance/staff/

For further information about the AI design assistant in NILE or Padlet’s new AI features, please get in touch with your Learning Technologist. 

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