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During the week commencing 12th December, 2022, the University will begin a process of archiving inactive MyPAD blogs and websites. The criteria for determining if a MyPAD blog/website is active is whether it has been updated within the last three years. All blogs and websites on MyPAD which have not been updated in the last three years will be archived (i.e., will be completely unavailable to all external and UON users, including the blog owners/administrators). However, no blogs/websites will be deleted, and they can be restored upon request by contacting the Learning Technology Team. Following this initial archiving process in December 2022, blogs will continue to be archived on a rolling basis where they are inactive for over three years.

If you have a MyPAD blog or website that has not been updated for over three years, but which you want to prevent from being automatically archived, please see the following FAQ:

How do I prevent my MyPAD blog/website from being archived

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