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Yes, they probably will. A recent study conducted at Queen’s University Belfast reported that students are more likely to view the availability of recorded lectures as a reinforcement of class teaching, rather than a replacement of it.

In a post-course survey, 96 per cent of students said that the availability of footage had had no impact on their attendance … [and] 98 per cent of students said that revision in preparation for an exam was a primary reason for viewing a video.

A brief summary of the research published in the THES is available here.

Staff and students now have the technology available to record all or part of any presentation made as part of University activity.
Whilst the technology makes it easy to make the recordings, there are legal issues around these which control how they are used and promoted. The regulations for staff and students are different based on the fact that staff are employed by the institution. This guide (DOC, 40.5Kb) offers an insight into the differences in addition to a template form (DOC, 33Kb) which may be customised and adapted for staff and student’s own recording sessions.
Di presented on her experiences of using Panopto at The University of Northampton’s Technology Enhanced Learning Showcase 7/7/11. The event used Twitter hashtag #TELUoN.
Lecture Capture is now available throughout the University of Northampton and Di explained her early experiences in using this tool.
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