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You may be having trouble getting Kaltura screen recorder to work. It turns out that with the latest version of Java as a security feature, applets get blocked if their HTML source and jar file are on different servers. To overcome this, you need to add an exception for both and – this does do the trick!  The link below explains it in detail:  (Thank you to Dr.Hendrix, for tracking down this solution).

How does it work on a mac?  It appears to VERY picky about browser, OS and java versions.  We got it to work in Safari on OSX v10.9.3 with Java 7 – running the NILE site in “Unsafe mode” by going to Safari Preferences > Security > Manage Website Settings > Select Java from the left and selecting ‘Run in unsafe mode’ for  Not ideal, but until Kaltura and the latest version of Java are in synch, it is at least possible to get it to work.

Please contact IT Services (rather than LearnTech) on ext. 3333, if you need to get this working on a uni machine.

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