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We’ve been hard at work building a library of videos which support staff and students in the use of NILE, Turnitin, and a growing number of web tools and software. They live in our NILE Help tab, which you can get to by following this link where you’ll find our new and growing library of DidiVids designed to help you use NILE more effectively. I hope they’ll be really useful to you, so I would really like your feedback on them. If we get good feedback, I’ll do more. If it’s bad feedback, I’ll cry a bit, but I’ll get over it. We are committed to improving the student experience, and offering support after hours is something we’re working towards. Check out the DidiVids and let them improve your life.


A case study on the use of GradeMark for marking and moderating online submissions of Health students assignments.

Use of GradeMark in Assessment

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This case study looked at introducing students to Turnitin and how to use the Originality Reports for revision support.

Using Turnitin as a Revision Tool

Mark Allenby is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work and is a strong advocate of Learning Technology. In this case study he looked at the uses of handheld video recorders in teaching students practical social work skills.

Flipcams and Social Work Skills

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Mike Twigger, a Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Studies, explores the use of Powerpoint to deliver health promotion materials.

Powerpoint in Health Promotion

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This case study looks at the recent use of the Turnitin tool within an Occupational Therapy course.

Turnitin and Advanced Skills in Occupational Therapy

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Kirsty Mason used the Flipcams during a simulated Child Protection conference, which had a big positive impact on the students and the tutors. Read more by following the link.]

Flipcams and Simulated Conferences

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This is an interesting case study on the use of the multiple choice tool in NILE to assess students. Have a read and feel free to comment.

Case Study – Online Assessment in Nursing

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The University of Northampton hosts the regional training and development of police recruits and this case study looks at the benefits of using NILE for active management of work-based learning tasks. Additionally, it explored the range of tools within NILE to broaden the training strategies currently utilised with police.

 Case Study – Police Training and NILE

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The University Skills Lab is a great setting to run sessions which simulated real practice environments, and this case study highlights just one example of how it can improve learning for students.

Delapre Skills Lab – Case Study

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