Ever keen to find new and accessible ways for UN staff to share best practice in the use of learning technology, I have begun to record a series of short audio case studies. In the space of five fleeting minutes, I chat informally with lecturers on examples of learning technologies they use and how they fit with their teaching. The podcasts are recorded using AudioBoo which is accessible via your web browser or mobile app.

In this first episode I talk to Anna Cox, who is a lecturer in the School of Education on her use of Xerte, the open source eLearning Authoring platform.

Here’s the link to Episode 1

The intro to this episode mentions iPads, which was discussed in the second episode, so look out for that link.

I hope these podcasts will become a useful addition to our written and video case studies and other training resources, and any feedback or comments are very welcome, as are suggestions on future episodes.

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