Learning Technology (based in LLSS) recently hosted a day of training workshops on the use of the H5P (HTML5 package), a content creation platform that is integrated into NILE to allow educators to create interactive online e-learning content, such as interactive videos, quizzes, drag and drop, flash cards and interactive presentations.

The day-long event was spearheaded by E-Learning/Multimedia Resources Developer Anne Misselbrook. Trond Skeie, an H5P Account Manager, led masterclasses, while academic staff presented compelling case studies that demonstrated the platforms effectiveness in enhancing teaching and learning.

Trond evidenced the H5P philosophy; “to make it easy for anyone to create interactive content”. In the masterclass sessions Trond demonstrated how to use a number of the platforms most popular content types, such as quizzes, interactive video, drag-and-drop and presentations.

In the Showcase session several University of Northampton faculty members shared their experiences of using H5P.

Yvonne Yelland and Biannca Harris, Lecturers in Nursing, demonstrated how they had used H5P to create a highly effective branching scenario with videos to help their students learn about how to approach a crisis situation.

Options available in the H5P Branching online activity.

“I’m one of the mental health nursing lecturers, and we’ve been using H5P to teach some of our first years all about mental health and how that’s experienced by patients. We used a branching scenario, and we got some actors in, and we filmed a scenario of a patient on a ward, and we used that to help students to look at the different alternative approaches to a crisis situation”. Yvonne Yelland.

Branching activity feedback from the students

Yvonne and Bianca had provided students with a survey to gather feedback about their experience of the branching activity, you can read the extract of comments below.

“Very clear detailed information”.
“It’s a good way of learning”.
“It was interactive and interactive learning can be fun”.

H5P Interactive books

Jenny Devers, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy provided her H5P Interactive Books for Anne to showcase. Included in the books are a video, a Padlet, text to read, questions and text entry where students key in and save their work in a Word document.

H5P Interactive book example created by Jenny Devers.

Jenny Devers feedback from a staff perspective:

“Staff find this (H5P) really helpful as it tracks who has completed the work and we can access that work…that’s really helpful for self-directed work”. Jenny Devers.

Live tool The Chase

Mosavar Farahani presented a real-time live classroom activity ‘The Chase’, where staff attending in person grouped into teams to answer the quiz questions.

“I have used quizzes, especially the Chase which has made them (the students) compete together, so as a competition tool, it would be something that makes it (learning) more fun”. Mosavar Farahani.

H5P The Chase

Reflection of the day

The workshops were an opportunity for faculty staff to learn how to use some of the content types available on the platform and to connect with other educators who are using H5P.

Quotes from colleagues who attended: “I think what I found most useful apart from having a play with some of the tools was seeing how it is being used at UON. I was especially inspired/impressed with the branching video that nursing put together, I thought it was so effective and a great representation of how something so simple can be used in such an impressive way”. Kelly Lea, Learning Technologist.

“I enjoyed the H5P workshop day on the 15th of November. It was especially interesting attending the H5P Showcase event in the afternoon, and seeing examples of how colleagues from around the University are making good use of H5P with their students”. Rob Farmer, Learning Technology Manager.

Further information

If you would like to be enrolled on to the H5P Community support Organisation on NILE please contact Anne Misselbrook. To book a place on the H5P virtual session use the LibCal booking link here.

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