In the module Crime and Criminality, part of the assessment is to produce a 30 second video and supporting leaflet around a crime prevention strategy. This could be something already operating, so to raise awareness or a completely new idea about how the public can protect themselves from being a victim of a particular crime. Once assessed, Superintendent Dave Hill reviews them to choose one that will feature in the Northants Police Website.

The first group to be chosen to feature on the Northants Police Website devised a blog for victims of Anti-Social Behaviour which was both innovative and contemporary. Feedback from students who participated in the assessment was that they enjoyed putting their theoretical learning into a practice.

For more information about this assessment, please contact Anne Eason, Senior Lecturer in Criminal Justice Services (

This case study is taken from the Institute of Learning and Teaching’s 2015 publication ‘Outside the Box Assessment and Feedback Practices’, available from the University’s Assessment and Feedback portal.

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