In this short film, Dr Mu Mu, Programme Leader for the AI and Data Science course, and students discuss a new project that aims to improve student access to information through the development of a new AI chatbot. 

Dr Mu Mu explains that students often have common questions about their schedules, deadlines, and accommodation. To address these needs, second-year students are tasked with creating an AI chatbot. Three BSc Artificial Intelligence & Data Science students share insights into the development process. 

Dr Mu Mu emphasises the broader learning outcomes: “It’s not only about the technical challenges, but also thinking about ethics, legal issues, and how to make the chatbot more personalised.” 

The practical experience gained from this project has led the students gaining successful placements and internships in prestigious UK organisations. This project exemplifies how our programme not only equips students with technical expertise but also prepares them to navigate and address real-world challenges.

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