As part of a longitudinal study into student perspectives of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI), Learning Technologists Richard Byles and Kelly Lea, along with Head of Learning Technology Rob Howe, have published the results of their second student survey, launched in February 2024.

This 2024 report reveals a significant shift in the role of GenAI in students’ academic lives and their changing motivations to engage with these technologies. Notably, the survey highlights a marked increase in student use of GenAI since the 2023 survey with distinct differences in usage and views between UK and international students.

Key findings indicate a growing awareness among students about both the benefits and limitations of GenAI. Many students appreciate its ability to assist with summarising content, generating ideas, and editing text. However, they are increasingly questioning where data is gathered from and its reliability. Students remain ethically aware and want to ensure academic integrity when using these tools.

The full report can be viewed below.

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Report Link (PDF): Exploring Student Perspectives of Generative Artificial Intelligence Tools at the university of Northampton: A survey-Based Study
R Byles, K Lea, R Howe

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