• What is changing in NILE on July 21st?
  • What is SaGE?
  • How do I use a voting handset to encourage in class participation?
  • How can I use a SMARTboard more effectively?
  • Why are iPADs and mobile devices so popular?
  • What training is available to support my technology development?

If you have questions similar to those above or just want to come to see how the Learning Technology team are able to support you then please come along to the LearnTech Summer Showcase – Sunshine and Showers.

We want to know how we can ‘make your day’ or what is working for you (the sunshine) or ‘what is raining on your parade’ / areas we can improve (the showers).

When: 16th July between 10am and 2pm (turn up at any point between these times)
Where: TPod (1st Floor Park Campus Library)

Light refreshments will be provided during the day.

We will also be using this event to find out about further Learning Technology training sessions which are required later in the year. Whether you are able to attend or not then please complete our quick survey at :