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Top 5 NILE tips for Summer 2013

If you do nothing else then please look at the top 5 actions to complete on NILE this summer. More details at:

NILE Archiving

LearnTech are actively managing the space allocated to us by Blackboard for the NILE system to avoid any unnecessary subscription charges. As we have material on the system which dates back several years, we intend to archive sites that are no longer being actively used. The sites chosen to archive have creation dates of 2007 (which includes information dating from as far back as 2003) and 2008. This process will take place in the last week of June 2013.More details at:

Welcome Sites

Welcome sites on NILE are now being created for subject areas to enable applicants to access course details and NILE prior to enrolment. For more details on this then please contact your Student Experience Committee representative for your School or

NILE Upgrade

Between July 21st 3pm BST and July 22nd 3am BST, NILE will be upgraded to the latest version. For any issues with timings please contact Rob Howe
More details at:

2013/14 NILE sites now available to use

The 2013/14 NILE sites are now available to use and area based on the template discussed at SSECs
More details at:

Planning for 2013/14 NILE sites
Rachel McCart is working with the team till July to assist academic staff with migrating and setting up NILE sites for the 2013/14 academic year. She is specifically, administrating site copies, merging modules and setting up Turnitin for 13/14 NILE modules – requests for work on modules within the current academic year are being dealt with by the rest of the team.
For more details:

NILE Uptime

Did you know that NILE over the past year was available 99.91% of the time (including nights, weekends and all holidays). Remember that you can directly access NILE and bypass the University website by going to More details at

LearnTech Events

Social Sciences

On the 15th May, a range of staff from Social Sciences presented some excellent mini case studies on work they have either done or are planning which involved some use of technology. For full details see

Staff development

Many thanks to all the staff who attended the recent training events provided by the LearnTech team – you are welcome to provide feedback and suggestions for further development to If you need further develpment then do not wait for the next schedule – just get in touch with your LearnTech representative –

 SaGE (Submission and Grading Electronically)

Survey republished

We have relaunched the staff and student surveys via links on the NILE home page to the SaGE surveys for those individuals who did not have a chance to respond last time or have new items to comment on. The links are as follows:

 Student Survey

 Staff Survey


What does 0% on a Turnitin Originality report actually mean ? More details at:

Mobile Updates

We are currently planning for the next release and will hope to have further details in the next newsletter.

Who are your LearnTech contacts ?

The full team list is at:

The support address for the team for any Learning Technology related issues is


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