The LearnTech team have collated the top 5 tips / things to do for summer 2013  (with regards to NILE)

1. All sites have now been created on NILE for 2013/14 academic year. You should check for variations of sites  as there may be various sessions associated with your modules and then merge these if needed. Rachel McCart is available  to assist with this work.

2. Once you have found your sites then you should add yourself to to them and also add additional tutors / externals (if known). Rachel McCart is available  to assist with this work.

3. Ensure that content is accurate and current (If you have copied material from an existing site then only copy what is needed. Do not copy:

  • Submit your work / Turnitin submission points
  • University Support and Resources
  • Announcements
  • Blogs
  • Grade Centre Columns and Settings
  • Group Settings
  • Journals
  • Wikis

Please ensure that you DO NOT copy any assessment submission areas, or Grade Centre columns into the 13/14 site as they need to be set up from scratch and cannot simply be copied from last year.

Check the  menu structure on the left of the NILE site to ensure this is still correct. Check the student view with edit mode turned off

4. Setup up the submission points for assessments with the correct dates for submission / release of grades. Refer to the guidance for details.

5. Make your site live.

Students will automatically be enrolled onto sites if they have reached the PRE stage and have been correctly allocated on the Student Record System.

Even if you do not require support with migrating data, merging modules, setting up turnitin, please do still contact Rachel McCart to ensure that your module/course site(s) are showing on NILE, for 13/14.  In addition, Rachel will also enrol you, and any other tutors you require, onto your NILE sites.

If you need further help and advice tthen please mail the LearnTech team or phone on  x2696

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