The default My Sites box on your NILE homepage is an unhelpful, alphabetical mess. We attempted to alleviate a little bit of the ridiculousness by prefixing site titles with ’12/13′ last year so at least all your 12/13 sites will appear at the top of the box, but we have come up with a better solution! It’s called ‘Group by Term’ and you can enable it on your own NILE homepage by following these instructions.

Hover your mouse over the My Sites box and click on the cog icon at the top right:

My Sites Cog Icon image

In section 1 of that screen, tick the box next to ‘Group by Term‘:

Group by Term imageSo far, we have two Terms set up on NILE, one for the 12/13 academic year, and one for 13/14. You can specify which one(s) you would like to be displayed in your My Sites box (Show Term), and also whether you would like see the Term, by default, in its expanded or collapsed state (Expand Term) – click on the image to zoom in.

Choose whichever options you require, click Submit and you will see a better organised My Sites box:

Term organised box image

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