Between July 21st 3pm BST and July 22nd 3am BST , NILE was upgraded to the latest version.

Northampton was previously on Blackboard 9.1 service pack 9 and is now on service pack 13.

Whilst during the academic year mainly security fixes are applied, annually we need to ensure that NILE is at the most stable version with the latest features to benefit staff and students. Our hosting contract provides us with at least 99.9% availability for NILE 365 days a year providing we ensure that we maintain our version.

The new version contains new functionality which will be of use to staff and students and ensure that NILE is maintained as an advanced virtual learning environment to maximise the student experience.

For more details on the main changes then please follow the links below. Major new features were included in service packs 10 and 12. Service pack 11 just included a number of minor improvements.

Service Pack 10 main features

Service Pack 12 main features

*SP 11 and 13 are maintenance service packs that included fixes and improvements to features introduced in Service Packs 10 and 12 respectively.

A list is available for those that wish to check browser compatibility with SP12.

A staff and student focus group were consulted on the changes which were introduced. If you would like to join this group then please contact

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