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Since 2010, a group (QNIG) representing key parts of the University has been working to develop closer links between the student record system (QLS) and NILE.

There are 3 main phases of QLS NILE Integration Group (QNIG):

  1. Username, password and email address synchronisation
  2. Module synchronisation
  3. Grading synchronisation

Phase 1 was completed in July 2011 and now means that usernames, passwords and email addresses on NILE will be the same as used for all other central systems.

Phases 2 and 3 are linked in that we need to ensure that modules in NILE are named in the same way as they are in QLS. Once this is completed then we will be able to automatically enrol students onto modules. Phase 2 is focused on module coding and automatic enrolment of students and this will be completed for summer 2012. Phase 3 is linked to the SaGE project and will be working during 2012/2013 to begin the process of investigating grade transfer from NILE into the student record system.

Phase 2 represents a change for many staff in that NILE courses/modules will no longer be reused each year for a new cohort. Instead a new shell will be setup for new cohorts – meaning that the old cohort will still retain access to previous content. The shell will be based on either the  Module  or Course template depending on the site status in QLS.  The full process is shown on the image below:

[Click on the image below to see full screen]

QNIG process Map
There are benefits of this approach:

  • Allows for automatic enrolment of students onto the correct module and assessment areas
  • The student only sees their own module  site.
  • Allows for assessment variations (e.g. submission dates) between different groups/sessions
  • Keeps the assessment details for each session clearly separated
  • Tutors able to communicate with clearly defined cohorts
  • A new site will be created each year to allow for clear separation of each group and the retention of data.
  • Reduced number of assignment submission points links within a single area
  • Anticipated future ability to extract grades directly from the Grade Centre and transfer these to the student record system.

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