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The December 2019 update on all the new MediaSpace features is available to watch right now.

Click this link to watch and listen to the video update.

Highlights include:

  • The ability to create 360 video content which can be added to a private MediaSpace subscription Channel.
  • Video content or audio podcasts can be uploaded, downloaded and viewed offline in the Kaltura KMS Go mobile app.
  • Content creators can easily share video playlists with friends or tutors.
  • MediaSpace now lets you create video where the viewer chooses what happens next.
  • NILE users can add My Media to the Home tab to access MediaSpace without needing to go to MediaSpace.

It’s a frankly mind-numbing 15 minutes long but, trust me, it’ll get you up to speed on everything fresh with MediaSpace. If you’d rather not listen to me yatter on then search for Kaltura on and you’ll find all the bite-sized FAQs you could possibly dream of.

If you don’t want to listen to me or read the FAQs then MediaSpace also has an expanded library of short video tutorials located conveniently and logically under the Video Tutorials tab on MediaSpace at

If you don’t want to watch or listen to the updates, or read about them in teeny chunks then you can always sign up for a scheduled training session, book your Learning Technologist for some personalised support or even arrange a 1:1 in a quiet spot somewhere.

MediaSpace is getting better every month and we hope you enjoy everything it has to offer in in 2020.

Have a good break.


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