NILE courses for the 23/24 academic year have been created and staff are now able to find and enrol themselves onto their 23/24 NILE courses. All NILE courses created for the 23/24 academic year and onward are now Ultra courses.

To find out more about enrolling on NILE courses, and how to get them set up ready for teaching, please see our guide: Getting your NILE course set up and ready for teaching.

If you are planning to copy content into your new NILE course from an old NILE course, please make sure that you follow the instructions in our FAQ: How do I copy content into a NILE Ultra course? (Note that this guide is also available as a three-minute video demonstration.)

To find out more about the expected standards and requirements for NILE courses, please see the NILE Design Standards.

For practical design ideas, and to see what a well-designed Ultra course can look like, please see the Learning Technology Team’s Ultra demonstration course, CRIT101, which is available for all staff to view in NILE under the Organisations tab.

For additional guidance about creating effective Ultra courses, staff are encouraged to book a NILE Ultra Course Development Workshop with their learning technologist.

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