Using gamification technology to enhance interprofessional collaboration, negotiation, conflict resolution and leadership.

Alison Power (Registered Midwife) SFHEA, MProfPrac, MSc, PGCTHE, PGCPE, Associate Professor (Learning and Teaching), Faculty Lead for Interprofessional Education, Academic Integrity Officer was successful in a bid for the University of Northampton ‘Learning Enhancement and Innovation fund 2021-2022’.

Screenshot of video: Introduction to GAMING
Screenshot of video: Introduction to GAMING

Alison Power was supported by Anne Misselbrook E-Learning/Multimedia Resources Developer to develop the Xerte resource.

Development timeframe was June to September 2021. The learning and teaching resource for up to 300 final year students to engage with in interprofessional groups, was required for a synchronous online session on 6 October 2021.

Anne identified needs, completed a Checklist and provided Alison with examples of Xerte learning resources. Alison was introduced to the Xerte interactive page types and learnt in the 1-2-1 training provided by Anne, that the ability for learners to collaborate with OneDrive documents in Xerte, use a drag and drop activity, link to resources and watch videos were possible.

The Xerte function called ‘Shared Settings’ enabled Alison and Anne to co-edit the Xerte in the Editor.

Alison invited colleagues Robin Sturman-Coombs and Devon Rossetti to contribute and join virtual meetings.

In August 2021 Anne and her colleague Richard Byles, a Learning Technologist, provided Alison and her colleagues with training in basic video production. They attended the ‘Record and edit video using tools available’ virtual workshop session on 25 August 2021. Alison could then understand the fundamentals of filmmaking and the importance of having scripts for the actors and get signed Performance Release forms by all those featuring in the film.

On 30 September the Xerte was uploaded to NILE ready for the live synchronous session with students on 6 October 2021.

Video Introduction: What is GAMING?
Video Introduction: What is GAMING?

Students feedback on the technology:
“Each page explained each task clearly”.
“The Xerte was very well laid out and simple to navigate”.
“Everything followed nicely and logically from one another”.
“I really enjoyed the videos, so to see the characters acting as opposed to just reading about the different types of characters made it much more relatable and understandable to me”.

Conferences in 2022

Alison Power
Alison Power

Look out for Alison who will present at Conferences later in the year. Confirmed dates so far are:

Using a games based approach to motivate students to engage with synchronous online interprofessional education (IPE): A case study.
TUFH Conference (Vancouver)
17/18 or 19 August 2022

Analysing perceptions of online games based learning: Case study of the University of Northampton.
International research conference, ICQHE London
28/29 July 2022

Further information:
Link to Alison’s blog

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