1. Background

With the current network problems, some staff and students may find it difficult to access NILE to engage in Collaborate sessions.

As a temporary measure during this time it is possible to setup an open Collaborate room which does not require any usernames or passwords to access. All those who click on the link will have presenter status (meaning they can share slides / audio and video). Normally the tutor will be the only presenter and students will be participants.

Naturally there may be problem distributing the links to students once generated and this may depend on the tutor being able to email students either within NILE or though links outside. The temporary links will not allow recordings or breakout rooms. These temporary rooms will expire at the end of the day on Friday 2nd April.

2. Guidance for those able to access NILE

If tutors still have access to NILE using the lower link to login:

Then they can follow the guidance on the Collaborate guide:


Create a new Collaborate session by clicking “Create Session” – give this session a name.

Click on Guest access and then give the Guest role – Presenter

Click on “No end (open session)”

Click on Create and then click on the copy option to the right of the “Guest link”

The link that has been copied can now be used by everyone to access the session without any username / password or need to access NILE. They will just need to follow this link in their browser.

This temporary Collaborate room should be deleted once the network problems have been resolved.

3. Guidance for those unable to access NILE

For those unable to access NILE then please add your name to the shared document (link sent separately) to reserve a room. If all current rooms have been taken then please add your name to the bottom of the table and an open link will be generated for you. You can then use this link as an open classroom until the network problems have been resolved. Please follow the link sent separately to reserve / request an open room.

Note: The temporary links will not allow recordings or breakout rooms. These temporary rooms will expire at the end of the day on Friday 2nd April.

4. Informing students of the room you are using

Once you have obtained the address of a room then please follow the 2nd link which is included in your email to the form where you should enter your name, subject area and the room address that students should follow to gain access.

5. Further help

Staff needing further help should contact their Learning Technologist – https://libguides.northampton.ac.uk/learntech/staff/nile-help/who-is-my-learning-technologist

Pasted below for those unable to access Libguides:

Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology (FAST)

Subject CodeFieldLearning Technologist
2DD2D DesignCleo Cameron
3DD3D DesignCleo Cameron
ACTDramaCleo Cameron
ARTFine ArtCleo Cameron
CSYComputer SystemsTim Guyett
DRADramaCleo Cameron
ENGEngineeringTim Guyett
ENVEnvironmental ScienceTim Guyett
FSHFashionCleo Cameron
GEOGeographyTim Guyett
HISHistoryBelinda Green
JOUFilm Media and CommunicationsCleo Cameron
LEALeather TechnologyTim Guyett
LIFLift EngineeringTim Guyett
LITEnglishBelinda Green
MEDFilm Media and CommunicationsCleo Cameron
MUSMusicCleo Cameron
PHOFine ArtCleo Cameron
SLSSport, Exercise and Life ScienceLiane Robinson
SPMSport, Exercise and Life ScienceLiane Robinson
SPOSport and ExerciseLiane Robinson

Faculty of Business and Law (FBL)

Subject CodeFieldLearning Technologist
ACCAccounting and FinanceAl Holloway
BSOBusiness Systems and OperationsAndy Stenhouse
BUSInternational Strategy and BusinessAl Holloway
CJSCriminal Justice ServicesTim Guyett
CRISocial SciencesTim Guyett
DEVEconomics, International Relations and DevelopmentAndy Stenhouse
ECOEconomics, International Relations and DevelopmentAndy Stenhouse
FINAccounting and FinanceAl Holloway
HRMHuman Resource Management and Organisational BehaviourAndy Stenhouse
IRDEconomics, International Relations and DevelopmentAndy Stenhouse
LAWLawAl Holloway
LEIEvents, Tourism and HospitalityAndy Stenhouse
MKTMarketingAndy Stenhouse
STRInternational Strategy and BusinessAl Holloway

Faculty of Health, Education and Society (FHES)

Subject CodeFieldLearning Technologist
EDUEducation StudiesBelinda Green
EYSEarly YearsBelinda Green
ITTInitial Teacher TrainingBelinda Green
MIDMidwiferyLiane Robinson
NPRNursingRichard Byles
NURNursingRichard Byles
OTHOccupational TherapyRichard Byles
PDTProfessional Development and TrainingBelinda Green
PHYPhysiotherapyRichard Byles
PODPodiatryCleo Cameron
PSCParamedic ScienceCleo Cameron
PSYPsychologyTim Guyett
SENSEN and InclusionBelinda Green
SOCSocial SciencesTim Guyett
SWKSocial WorkLiane Robinson

Foundation Study Framework (FSF)

Subject CodeFieldLearning Technologist
FDNFoundation Study FrameworkBelinda Green

Other Academic & Professional Services Departments

DepartmentLearning Technologist
Academic LibrariansTim Guyett
Academic Partnerships OfficeAl Holloway
ApprenticeshipsRichard Byles 
Additional Student Support and Inclusion Services Team (ASSIST)Al Holloway
Changemaker HubAndy Stenhouse
Educational LinguisticsLiane Robinson
Graduate SchoolCleo Cameron
International OfficeLiane Robinson
Placements OfficeLiane Robinson
Research SupportCleo Cameron
Staff DevelopmentTim Guyett
Student Information DeskLiane Robinson
Student ServicesAndy Stenhouse
Students’ UnionRichard Byles