Over the past few months there are a range of blog postings and updates which have been collated below for information and easy access:

NILE and SaGE updates

NILE summer upgrade 2016

Moving away from Panopto

NILE 2016-7 – rolling out and onwards – new templates available for use

NILE guides have been enhanced with a completely revised layout and updated content

Update on NILE quality standards 2016-17

Best NILE Site – Student Teaching and Representation Awards 2016

SaGE – March Update – Dissertation Marking / Exempting Grades / Health and Safety


Pedagogical / developmental discussions

Have you heard about the CAIeRO and wondered what it was? Have a look at this posting on Demystifying the CAIeRO

 Are you still referencing preferred learning styles? – perhaps time to think again

Neuromyths in education


Staff Case Studies

Blended Learning and Physical Volcanology with Professor Nick Petford

Xerte software receives praise from Karen Brasher, Lecturer in the School of Health 

Using Trello to Enhance Teaching and Learning in Fashion

Supporting understanding and engagement through continuous assessment

George Dimmock on How the Academic Librarians can help you. 

Anne Misselbrook on content development with Xerte

Kate Swinton (CfAP) on Effective Feedback

Hannah Rose (Academic Librarian) on Aspire Reading Lists

Ali Ewing on Peer Observation

Emma Rose: Flipped Classroom

James Smith: Blended Learning in Studio Based Modules

Sylvie Lomer (CfAP) on Active and blended learning

Education E-tivity Development: Tanya Richardson & Claire Dugan-Clements

James Underwood (Principal Lecturer in Teachers’ CPD) demonstrating an essay planning technique

‘Blogging for students’ case study video

Assessed Online Debates using discussion boards in NILE

Exploring innovative digital approaches to assessment project 

Science and Technology Research in Pedagogy (STRiPe) blog

Blogs for Assessment in History with alternating ‘classroom’ and ‘online’ fortnightly structure.

Using Pinterest for Aesthetic Development: Elizabeth Palmer

How to be a page-turner for the right reasons!

Watering down Waterside

Designing e-tivities: some lessons learnt by trial and error!

Making an impact in open education

Employability support for Geography students


Staffing updates

 Welcome to new staff in the Learning Technology Team

Grateful student appreciates Learning Technology support


For any questions regarding the above articles then contact your Learning Technologists or email

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