NILE Guides homepage

NILE Guides homepage

Since last summer Learning Technology has been hard at work to improve the online help we provide to staff and students who use NILE. The simple A-Z list of software provided, while helpful for some, wasn’t offering the best level of support.

Therefore, last September we launched NILE FAQs as a search-based solution to everyday problems. Trouble with grade centre? Simply type into the search box and we’ll present back all the most common questions we’re asked – along with, of course, the solution.

Now, to build on this, we’re pleased to release NILE Guides.

We’re aware searching for help is useful – if you know what the software does. But what if you only know what you want to do, and haven’t a clue which software is best suited for the job?

So we set about creating a new approach to guide you through NILE.

Start with what you want to do in mind (the task) and we’ll guide you – via a series of light-touch prompts – to the best tool for the job with three broad topics to choose from:

  • communication
  • content
  • assessment

Within each, we’ve developed likely scenarios and provide recommended tools and workflows for each.

Where the software is used in the ‘regular’ way, we’ve linked directly to the supplier’s own help website. This way we can ensure you’re always provided with accurate and up-to-date guidance – provided the link doesn’t change!

Where the software is tailored for University, School or team workflows, we’ve provided our own set of guides to accompany the suppliers, to add further context.

NILE Guide is still in development and currently only available for staff. We’d like you to give it a try and provide feedback. A student section is being prepared and due for release later in the year.