In Introduction to Theatre and Performance Theories and Practices (DRA1021), each group creates an online lecture based on a particular play. The online lecture must include performance work, text, visual images, and verbal analysis that contextualises and discusses the selected play and historical period. Essentially, this online lecture is an annotated piece of performance practice. One outcome from this assessment is that each participant will receive a suite of online presentations (the collected presentations) that they can use as teaching resources in their future careers. In this way we seek to make the assessment more relevant to each student, increase their engagement, and add value to their degree.

For more information about this assessment, please contact Dr James McLaughlin, Lecturer in Acting and Drama ( or Dr Hayley Linthwaite, Senior Lecturer in Acting and Drama (

This case study is taken from the Institute of Learning and Teaching’s 2015 publication ‘Outside the Box Assessment and Feedback Practices’, available from the University’s Assessment and Feedback portal.