The Learning Technology team have had numerous requests for  a way to send an announcement out to more than one site at the same time. We have acted on this feedback and have made a tool available to you which enables the management of announcements. There are a couple of added bonuses too! You can also send an email to multiple sites, and make your sites available to students – without having to go into each site individually!

The use of this tool comes along with the rearrangement of the Sites and Organisations management tools that all staff have access to. The Sites & Organisations tab on NILE tends to be quite under used, and feedback about the Home tab indicates that it is too crowded. So, we have made the logical step to move the Manage my NILE sites box away from the Home tab, and group it with other site management tools on the Sites & Organisations tab. More information about the new ‘Quick Actions’ tool and the ‘Manage my NILE sites’ box, can be found on the Help tab on NILE.
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