link imageNILE users familiar with embedding HTML code into items to display Box of Broadcasts (BoB) content need to make a small adjustment to ensure they continue to work on new web browsers.

Firefox version 23, which will begin to appear very soon, will refuse to display content which comes from a non-secure (http rather than https) source. Although the browser does indicate a problem in the address bar, many users will not notice it and be faced with a blank page. Other browsers will begin to refuse to display this content too.

To avoid this problem, when copying the code from BoB that is provided (see image), you should change the first ‘src=http://’ to ‘src=https://’.

We are working with BoB to get this embed code updated and have already converted all existing BoB links in NILE to ensure they will continue to work. If BoB material created since September fails to display, you may need to correct the link as indicated.

More information on adding BoB content can be found on the NILE help tab.

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