First year fashion and surface design students have been given a fantastic opportunity to receive a substantial scholarship of £15,000. The Maggie Barwell Scholarship is awarded for ‘excellence’ and the full amount is given to support one fashion or surface design student spread over the duration of their degree studies exclusively at The University of Northampton.

A brief for applying for the scholarship was created. First year students applied for the award by presenting a selection of their first term’s work and creating a statement of intent with regard to their studies and their future aspirations. It was decided that the students should present their statement and examples of their work in a creative way through a blog using the MyPAD system. We have run the scholarship successfully in this way for the past 2 years.

Asking first year students to use a blog to present their work we feel is the way forward, and we supported any student to apply for the scholarship through a series of workshops where a member of the Employability team came and worked with the students to show them how to use the web tools effectively …

Watch the video: BA Fashion and Blogging
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