In July, the Learntech team posted information about rethinking the way in which inductions are handled. This was also suplemented with some top tips for staff as they prepare for the new academic year.

The information below builds on this with more recent information for staff who will be using technology in the context of their module.

As you plan your induction for students there are some key items of information of which you / your students need to be aware, that will help ease their progression into the University.

Accounts: All students at enrolment will be provided with a username and password for their University account, which enable them to access key resources such as the University computers, NILE, and Library materials. Full support is provided in both libraries to help any student log into the systems and access their accounts. Support via phone and email is also available, details are provided at the end of this message.

Students should use their University ID number (shown on the student card) as their username. The password will be their date of birth in a six digit format, followed by the first two letters of the family name (with the first letter being a capital letter and the second letter being in lower case) and followed by the = sign. [This is known as the University login.]

username 31234567
password 081086Fa=
(This example shows what the password would be if the family name is Farmer and the student’s date of birth is 8 October 1986.)

All students need to go to the User Portal, set up their security questions, and change their initial password BEFORE they start to use the main university resources. It is important that they are encouraged to do this, as the initial password is a temporary one and will expire after 15 logins if it is not changed.

NILE: Students may then use their University account to login to NILE. They will then need to add the modules which are relevant to their course to their account. To help with this, tutors need to ensure they provide the exact module code(s) and name(s) to students, so that they can search effectively. Students will also find it helpful to be given some context of how tutors anticipate using NILE within the module, and guidance on the information they can expect to find there.

Training: Staff may request bespoke sessions for particular aspects of Learning Technology or specific use of NILE by using the general enquiry form

Email: The student’s personal email account which they provided at enrolment will be used for all electronic University communication. The student may find which account is being used by the University. A University provided email account is available for those students who do not wish to use their own account for University business. Students who wish to change the email address used by the University will need to contact their relevant Administration Team.

Should any student have a problem with any of the above then they should contact the library either in person or by the main contacts below:

Phone: 01604 893089

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