H5P provides the author with a variety of content types to be able to produce interactive, responsive content in NILE playable on devices. Use polling tools for real-time interaction, the Chase to create H5P content in competition mode, interactive workbooks where users input can be saved and printed, and many more content types.

Use the H5P toolset to fairly quickly create impressive resources for students to use in their learning on NILE sites. Provide online content which responds to a user’s input. Engage students as they participate in various online e-tivities.

Awareness and practice sessions are available from 19 August to 22 December 2022. To book a place please visit U4BW using the links below.

https://abw.northampton.ac.uk/BusinessWorld/Login/Login.aspx (On Campus link)

https://uonapps.cloud.com/ (Off Campus link)

If you experience any problems booking via U4BW, please email Marie.Graham@northampton.ac.uk with your booking request.

H5P poster
H5P – some content types available to use.