From Weds 5th Feb, the Kaltura Mashup for Blackboard is going to change by the smallest amount. Almost every single part of it will remain utterly unchanged except the Select button will now be labelled Embed.

A screenshot of the new Embed button for the Kaltura Mashup tool in Blackboard.

That’s it. Nothing else will change.

This means when students submit video for assessment they use the same set of steps they’ve always done. Nothing will change except the name of the button. If any student is unsure, the FAQ guide has been edited to reflect the new button name. The process for submitting video for assessment remains the same.

How do students submit a video or audio file to NILE for assessment?

The process for staff embedding video in their Blackboard modules also remains 99% unchanged, it is only the name of the button which has changed.

The reason the button name is now Embed is because behind the scenes the Mashup tool is preparing for new and exciting features which I’ll post on when they’re ready to be unleashed.

For now, this is the end of the momentous news that the Select button in the Kaltura Mashup is now called Embed.

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