Our Panopto license has now expired. As already described, all content is in the process of being migrated over to MediaSpace (Kaltura) and will be found at video.northampton.ac.uk.

Thanks to those of you who have already reached out to LearnTech and worked with the team to ensure that all of your video content remains accessible to your students via your NILE sites. No further action should be necessary on your part.

If you have not managed to meet with us, you should be able to replace the Panopto links in your NILE sites as follows:

  1. Go into the NILE module which has a Panopto link

  2. Click on the Tools button

  3. Select Kaltura Media from the menu

  4. Wait a few moments to see your videos displayed on screen

  5. Choose the video you want to link to in the module and click Select *

  6. The next screen lets you edit the Title of the video link

  7. Now click the Submit button

  8. Your MediaSpace video is now live on your NILE site

  9. Check the MediaSpace video plays by clicking Watch Media

  10. Finally, you can now delete the old Panopto link by selecting the drop-down arrow beside the Panopto video link

*If when you select Kaltura Media, the corresponding video does not display, please contact learntech@northampton.ac.uk and we will be happy to find the original file to add it to your account.

In going forward, should you require support in using MediaSpace, training can either provided by your assigned Learning Technologist or you can attend one of the Team’s new LearnTech Lunchtime sessions that will be advertised shortly.

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