This week I have been having a look at making the grade centre easier to read and navigate by applying colours. The grade centre can be a rather complicated beast, particularly when you have large numbers of students and various assignment points within a module. Searching and finding students work can be tricky, students who do not submit can be missed and those students at risk may fall through the net. By applying colour coding to the grade centre columns you can highlight various stages in the grading process including, ‘Needs Grading’, G grades and assessments that have not yet been attempted and let’s face it- a little bit of colour can go a long way!

Colour coding your grade centre can be useful for:

  • Quickly highlighting at risk students

  • A traffic light system to highlight various grades in the grade centre

  • Quickly see students who have not submitted any work and those pieces that need grading

  •  Highlighting marks within a specific range, for example A grade students

  • Spotting students work ‘In Progress’ (usually online tests or online submissions)

  • Quickly being able to see student development (when traffic light system is employed)


 To apply colour coding to the grade centre you can follow these quick instructions:

  1. Go to ‘Full Grade Centre’.

  1. Click ‘Manage’ and choose ‘Grading Colour Codes’.

  1. You will now see the Grading Colour Codes page.  Select the box to allow you to add ‘Grading Colour Codes’.

  1. If you want to colour code items that are In Progress, Needs Marking or Exempt, click to change the Background Colour to your chosen colour (keep in mind accessibility issues).

  1. If you want to colour code ranges of marks, click the ‘Add Criteria’ button.  Select the criteria for highlighting:

    • ‘Between’ two grades, ‘More than’ a grade or ‘Less than’ a grade.

    • Choose a Background Colour and a colour for the Text.

  1. If you want to add more criteria, click ‘Add Criteria’ again.

  1. Click ‘Submit’ to apply the colour coding to the Grade Centre.

This will apply all of these settings across the entire module for all assessments (which means you only need to set up your criteria once). You can copy over these settings to other sites when you do a site copy highlighting the ‘Grade centre columns and settings’ option.

For a short video on how to do this follow this link:

Go on give it a whirl- and let me know what you think: