We have heard of some synchronisation issues with the Turnitin iPad app, particularly when large numbers of (or very large) student submissions are being handled. Joe Mills of LEAP at Hull helpfully identified that the problem can arise when an iPad ‘sleeps’ during synchronisation – this will prevent the process from completing, resulting in missing papers on your iPad. So, while marking with Turnitin, Joe recommends:

1. Go to Settings>General

2. Scroll down to Autolock

3. Turn Auto-lock to OFF (your iPad will not now go to sleep unless you press the power button)

4. Plug your iPad in to a charging source (you need to make sure your iPad does not run out of charge)

5. Open Turnitin App

6. Go to your class

7. Touch the ‘i’ icon top right to bring up the information about the class

8. Turn “Sync submissions” on

9. Press on screen to come out of the “i” panel

10. The submissions will now start to sync

11. This will take time…!

12. Do NOT switch to another app, open another app or generally do anything that puts the Turnitin app in to the background.

Joe also points out – rightly – that you will need enough space on your iPad to ensure that you can complete your downloads. Check ‘Settings’ / ‘General’ / ‘Usage’ to see your available storage. As a general rule of thumb, 1GB+ will probably be fine. You can use ‘Manage Storage’ to identify any apps that are using a lot of space.

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