LearnTech has a new resource to help instructors to find resources that exist outside NILE that would improve the student experience. The NILEX blog site contains reviews of external tools and examples of how they might be used. Each tool is tagged to make it easier to find when trying to meet a particular need: displaying maps; asynchronous communication; portfolios; curation; and many others. There is also a full text search facility. We hope that CAIeRO participants will find this a particularly useful resource when they are trying to translate their ideas into activities.

Each tool has been tested in relation to NILE and any integration issues are discussed, along with any registration requirement for staff or students. All the tools are free and licensed to use in education – applications with a ‘paid premium’ element are only included where the free version is of significant use.

For instructors interested in the integration of data and data services into their NILE sites (creating ‘mash-ups’ or data for infographics would be examples), a separate module – Data Services for Learners –  is included which explains some of the possibilities and includes ideas and examples.

We hope these ideas will help you create new and interesting  material that will engage students, as well as new ways for students to collect and present material. New ideas or tools that you think might be included would be very welcome, along with feedback on the content. As external tools often change in their nature and capabilities we do expect them to require updating.

You can subscribe to the content as an RSS feed for Feedly or Feedburner using the link below.