link checker

bitly logo is great for creating and editing links used in multiple locations – particularly useful if you don’t remember where you used them. Within a VLE you might use the same link many times or copy it to a new module site – it’s easy to loose track –  ‘corporate’ managers often restrict editing rights within institutional web sites.

But do you want to manage your links more efficiently? Check if they are still valid URLs? Keep a backup copy of your links in a spreadsheet?

This Google spreadsheet  draws on the bitly API to pull out the links, then runs a script to check the status of the full URL on a ‘Link summary’ page. I’ve colour coded the main response codes to indicate real (red) problems and potential (orange – login may be needed).

Early days, but this spreadsheet can be used for any bitly library – you just need to generate an access key at from your own login and add it to cell B1 in the ‘data’ sheet. It currently processes up to 1000 links, but you can easily change this. I would recommend making a copy of the values in a new sheet too, just in case there is ever a disaster.

Here’s a link to a public version – please save as a copy before adding your access key or the world will know how to access your links!

As ever, I am standing on the shoulders of giants, so great credit must go to the component writers:

JSON import: Trevor Lohrbeer (
URL checker: Cheok Luk (