Childhood and Youth welcome page example

Audio can be awkward to create and include on a NILE site, but has considerable impact. It has been used very effectively on the BA  Childhood and Youth welcome site in conjunction with student images to provide an alternative to the often used ‘talking head’.


Audioboo is a useful website where users can upload (for free) up to three minutes of audio. Whilst not recommended for assessed work, it could be used to collect audio from students or create audio content very easily yourself (perhaps as an alternative format for visually impaired students), just by using an iPhone[1] or Android device.

There is a fairly extensive library of podcasts that can be searched too (very like YouTube) for inclusion into course material.

At first sight, it doesn’t seem possible to embed audio clips into NILE, but – with a small amount of effort – it is fairly easy to do. The attached guide walks you through the process – we hope you find it useful.

Embedding Audioboo in NILE


[1] The iPad application does not – at the time of writing – allow recording. Search for (and install) the iPhone version on your iPad if you wish to record.

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