LearnTech are actively managing the space allocated to us by Blackboard for the NILE system to avoid any unnecessary subscription charges. As we have material on the system which dates back several years, we have archived sites that are no longer being actively used. The sites chosen to archive have creation dates of 2007 (which includes information dating from as far back as 2003) and 2008.

There may be files that tutors and staff still wish to retain or sites that are still in use, so a list of all NILE instructors and the courses concerned that they are linked to is attached to the bottom of this post. The file should open with Acrobat reader, which is installed on all PCs. You should should use ‘Ctrl-F’ and search for your surname and review the sites you are linked to.

We would like to emphasize that we are archiving, not deleting, so sites and files can be recovered at a later date if necessary.

Instructor / Course list for sites scheduled for archiving:

Instructors & courses earlier than 2009