Julie Usher left the team at the end of June 2012 and Adel Gordon subsequently moved into the role of supporting Science and Technology. Rob Farmer moved into the role of supporting Arts.

Belinda Green joined the team on 17th September as dedicated Learning Technologist for The School of Education (funded by the School). This is similar to Andy Stenhouse who is funded by The School of Health and is their dedicated Learning Technologist. Al Holloway maintains a central position with a supporting role for Education and Health – working with Belinda and Andy.

Rachel Maxwell joined the team on a part time (0.8) post on the 5th November and is picking up support for NBS from Adel Gordon.

We currently have a vacancy for Rob Davis’ post as he left on the 21st December. The interviews for this post will be held on 8th February and the successful person will pick up support for Social Sciences. This work is currently being distributed between current central team members.
Learning Technology team picture

From left to right (Rob Howe, Belinda Green, Rachel Maxwell, Andy Stenhouse, Rob Farmer, Adel Gordon)
Al Holloway was not available for the photo.





If staff wish to contact the Learning Technology Team please use ext 2696 or via email at LTSupport@northampton.ac.uk.


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