During 2011, the Learntech team coordinated the development of a case study which showed how lecture capture had been enhanced though the use of Panopto. This is available to view on the Panopto website.

It is interesting to note that since the Spt 2010 – Oct 2011 pilot the amount of usage has increased from:

  • 21 modules using Panopto up to 146 modules
  • 87 recordings up to 393
  • 26 hours of recording up to over 150 hours
  • 738 individual views up to 1779 views
  • 10 hours of viewing up to 183 hours
(Figures taken on 15th March 2011)
We are still developing the basic provision within lecture theatres to include web cameras to allow for regular capture (in response to staff feedback) but are seeing a range of innovative use such as capture of student presentations for external examiners; trials on synchronous display and recording of lectures over multiple venues;  and discussions are underway to allow for the system to capture offsite case studies (offline) – which are then uploaded to Panopto once back on site.
For further information on using Panopto then please contact the team


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