During 2011 we are changing the way we run inductions for Learning Technology. Student feedback indicates that they feel overloaded with information during welcome week, and many either do not attend their designated induction slot, or find they have quickly forgotten the information that we provide. Feedback also tells us that NILE inductions are more helpful when they are hands-on and task-focused, and so a decision has been made to discontinue the demonstration-style ‘overview of NILE’ sessions previously offered during this period.

Changes being made over the summer will simplify the process of getting access to and using NILE:

  • From August 3rd, 2011 NILE will use the same username and password which is used to log on to University computers.
  • Changes made to passwords used to log on to University computers via the central system (http://www.northampton.ac.uk/user) will also update those on NILE.
  • NILE will use the same email address as held centrally by the University

Students are able to check the email address that the University has recorded on the Student Record System.

If the email the University has recorded is incorrect they will need to  contact their Student Admin Team. (Follow the link if you’re not sure how to get in contact with your Schools’ team)

Information on NILE will also be available from library staff, who will be meeting all students during the Deans’ talks on the Monday of Welcome Week to outline what the department has to offer them. They will also be out on the floors in the library for two weeks offering support at point of need.

Additional guidance and information for students will be available from the Help tab on NILE and via the LTSupport email address, and drop-in sessions will be available for any students who feel that they would value more detailed assistance with IT systems – these will be advertised during September. The team will also continue to offer a variety of more in-depth sessions throughout the year working alongside and in response to academic staff.

As always, we recommend that tutors introduce NILE in an integrated way, along with other teaching methods and resources, both in face-to-face sessions and in information packs sent out to new students.

If you feel that this approach does not suit your students needs, then please contact a member of the Learntech team, who will be happy to discuss alternatives.

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