The Learning Technology team have successfully supported the Northampton Busines  School lecturers KathyMortimer and Sally Laurie in Skyping into a Marketing conference in Australia alongside a team from the USA.

Kathy and Sally have facilited a team of marketing students to present to a Marketing Conference in Australia via a Skype link which also allowed a student team from a University in the USA to also present. The event meant a late start as the time difference in Australia resulted in the Northampton team presenting at 01.00am in the morning!

All went well, with only the occassional connection drop-out with Skype. The event was held in the Avenue CTC room (Creative Teaching Centre) which allowed for dedicated large screen visual and enhanced audio provision to make the students feel like they were really at the Conference in Australia. “…..a great experience that went well.  Our student did a great job.” -( Sally Laurie)

For further information contact Rob Davis – Learning Technologist 01604 893531