I’ve known about this tool for a while, it was developed in the MS Lab, and it’s a free tool to create 360 panoramas and virtual tours. I’m using the iPhone app at the moment, testing it out. The stitching isn’t perfect, ideally I’d find someone with a fish-eye lens and a digital stills camera, but for a quick and easy 360 tour, Photosynth is pretty good. I’ve uploaded it to the Photosynth site and also embedded a panorama in my NILE training module. The School of Health wanted to look into posting up little tours of their facilities, so this might be of use. UoN marketing paid a company to produce virtual tours a while back but the cost was silly, they may try a use video to achieve the same effect.

This is my first effort, so the stitching is bit off but you get the idea.

Link to Photosynth 360 panorama