Do you have a passion for mobile learning?

Come and join educators from across the county to raise awareness, share practice and build a community

Educators at all levels are taking advantage of the increasing ubiquity and capabilities of mobile devices and the opportunities they can create for student engagement and flexible, personalised and contextual learning. Devices like smartphones, tablets and handheld video cameras are being used in creative ways to open up the classroom and lecture theatre, as well as enabling staff development and research.

The Northants Mobile Conference is being hosted by the University, in partnership with Northampton College, MoleNET and the Northants Better Learning using Technologies (BLT) network. The event will include contributions from staff implementing mobile learning at all levels, from primary to higher education. If you have experience of using mobile technology for learning and teaching and you’d like to share your ideas, let us know on the sign-up form.

  • When: 26 May 2011, 2-6 pm
  • Where: The University of Northampton, Boughton Green Road

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