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NILE sites have been created for the 12/13 academic year and are ready to be used.

You should now move content from your old sites to the newly coded areas. There are a number of steps which will help you in this task:

 1. Find the modules which you will be involved in during 12/13. Ensure you select the correct module which should have a course ID which describes the module, the session, and the year of activity (e.g. DRA1018-STD-1213). The name of the module will be prefixed with the year of activity (e.g. 12/13 Web Enabled Organisations)

2. Add yourself to the module using this guidance

3. Follow the guidance inside the module template to copy material from other sites as needed.  The template should be used where possible to assist you to structure material and provide students with a consistent experience.

4. Create additional material, links and Turnitin submission points within the new module as needed

5.  When you are satisfied that all content is in place then make the site live to students.  

6. Students will be automatically added to the site as they are confirmed as enrolled.

Sites have also been created for courses/programmes in addition to the session specific modules, and you will see these when conducting the search in point 1 (above). If you wish to use course sites you have the choice of using either those which are broken down by the session (in the same way as the modules. e.g. CBDDRAMA-1FT-1213). Alternatively you may wish to only have one course site for the whole year regardless of the session variation (e.g. CBADRAMA-1213).

Both types have been created and regardless of the option you choose, students will still be automatically added but will only see the site you are using once you have made it available.

If you need further guidance or advice email



Motivating students and creating community within blended and online learning environments are crucial to academic achievement and success. This open course will provide both theoretical concepts and practical tools for instructors to improve motivation, retention, and engagement within blended and online courses.


Free, Open Course With Dr. Curt Bonk: Instructional Ideas and Technology Tools for Online Success





Have you ever thought about using Twitter to support your students or to keep them updated with your research and news?

The LSE Public Policy Group have put together an excellent guide to Using Twitter suitable for academic staff.  Open this Link for more details

I am also happy to help anyone to get started with Twitter or discuss best ways to get started just send me an email!


NBS Learning and Teaching Co-ordinator


Come along to a themed open sessions on Fridays (alternating Park TPod and Avenue CTC (MB6)) to enhance your knowledge of using technology within your teaching and learning. The open sessions will run from 10am till 12 and then from 12:30 till 2pm. There will be short scheduled mini sessions based around the theme but you are welcome to attend at any point whilst the event is open (no need to book – just turn up). The dates and location for each event are shown in brackets after the monthly theme.

January – Assessment;  (13-Tpod; 20-CTC ; 27-Tpod)
Mini Sessions:
10 till 10:30 – ‘A short introduction to SAGE’
1-1:30 –  ‘A brief look at the assessment tools in NILE’.

February – Mobile;  (3-CTC; 10-TPod; 17-CTC ; 24-Tpod)
Mini Sessions:
10 till 10:30 – ‘A short introduction to iNorthampton’
1-1:30 –  ‘Adapting your module for mobile devices’

March – Reusable Learning Objects (RLO) – speeding up course development making use of openly available content;  (2-CTC; 9-Tpod; 16-CTC; 23-Tpod)
Mini Sessions:
10 till 10:30 – ‘Using Xpert to find free course resources’
1-1:30 –  ‘Understanding Creative Commons licensing’

April - Video (13-Tpod; 20-CTC; 27-TPOD)
Mini Sessions:
10 till 10:30 – ‘Finding and embedding video (YouTube and BOB) in NILE’
1-1:30 –  ‘A brief introduction to lecture recording using Panopto’

May – Discussions and Collaboration (4-CTC; 11-TPOD;18-CTC; 25-Tpod)
Mini Sessions:
10 till 10:30 – ‘Setting up a discussion area within NILE’
1-1:30 –  ‘A quick introduction to communicating with Skype’

June – Enhancing Classroom activity and Learning materials (1-CTC; 8-Tpod; 15–CTC; 22-Tpod)
Mini Sessions:
10 till 10:30 – ‘A brief introduction to enhancing course materials using Xerte’
1-1:30 –  ‘A quick introduction to enhancing Word documents in Wimba Create’

These sessions are provided in addition to the ability for you to be able to just contact any of the team during the week for bespoke 1:1 and group learning technology support (


The paying student who is not happy with the quality of the open learning resources!

Interesting blog from a Stanford Students experience of the much feted online free content


The 2012 Blackboard Catalyst Awards is now OPEN for submissions!

The Blackboard Catalyst Awards honors those who push the boundaries of their educational programs and technology in order to deliver innovative and effective learning experiences. This year, we will recognize innovators in the following categories: Community Collaboration, Exemplary Courses, Innovative Development, Mobile Innovation, Staff Development and a new category – Communications Strategy.

Submitting your program or course to the Catalyst Awards has many benefits, including:

-       Develop a fresh perspective by seeing how other institutions are implementing industry best practices

-       Learn course design best practices to improve the engagement, collaboration, assessment and learner support within your own courses or courses you help develop

-       Gain peer, institution, and industry recognition for your accomplishments and participation in the program

Important Dates to Remember:

-       December 1: Program is Open for Submissions – all categories

-       December 1: Call for Reviewers to review ECP course submissions

-       February 29: Submission Deadline

-       March 19 – April 6: Review Period

-       Early May: Winners selected for all categories

-       July: Winner Recognition at the Catalyst Awards Luncheon at BbWorld2012

The Blackboard Catalyst awards are now open and will recognise groups and individuals who can demonstrate that they have gone ‘beyond the basics’.

 Contact Rob Howe (  or a member of the Learning Technology Team if you would like to make a submission

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A research-based conference on networked learning in higher education and lifelong learning

The Networked Learning Conference is an international, research-based   conference. Since its inception in 1998 the conference has developed a strong   following by international researchers. In addition it is well supported by   practitioners, managers and learning technologists interested in contributing to   and hearing about research in this area. The conference is considered a major event in the international ‘technology enhanced learning’ conference circuit.

  • A Research-based conference on networked learning in higher education and lifelong learning
  • Hosted by Open University in The Netherlands at the   Maastricht School of Management
  • Keynote presentations and discussions with Terry Anderson, Tara Fenwick and Judi Marshall
  • Plenary Panel will include Peter Goodyear and Etienne Wenger on issues and concerns for the future of networked learning
  • Preconference online Sessions and Hot Topic Discussion

Practical Tools for Finding OER

15th December 2011 at the British Library

SCORE is hosting an interactive workshop that offers you a guided tour of tools and repositories for Open Educational Resources and a chance to try them out.  The workshop focuses on the Librarian perspective and is aimed at enabling you to:

Find and use educational resources and images available under creative commons licensing

Experience the process of finding and creating Open Educational Resources

Investigate the benefits and barriers to publishing and using Open Educational Resources

Explore the different creative commons licenses available

For further information and to register for this event visit

Further information on Open Educational Resources and Open Educational Practice can be found at

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Applications for short-term fellowships in open educational resources (OER) are invited by the Support Centre for Open Resources in Education (SCORE) at the Open University.

Short-term fellowships are designed to provide foundational knowledge in the production and use of OER to those with little or no prior experience.

The Fellowship consists of distance learning elements and a one week intensive residential course in Milton Keynes.  Priority will be given to applicants from Law, Business, Social Science and Education subject areas although all applications will be considered. The cost of the programme will be met by HEFCE.

Further details can be found at  The closing date for applications is 28 October 2011.


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The Learning Technology team are looking for innovative staff to adopt mobile learning. Does your course or module involve learning outside the classroom environment – in studios, workplaces or in the field? If so, then iNorthampton could help you support your students, and give them new opportunities for authentic, situated learning.

The LT team are looking for pilots to run this academic year and will be on hand to help you get started, to support you and your students throughout the module – and may even be able to lend you some devices to use.
You can find out more about the app at If you’re interested in giving it a try, please email the Learning Technology team at:

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