– What is SaGE and what are its aims?

SAGE aims to refine the processes involved in electronic submission in order to develop an institution-wide policy.

  • Electronic submission will allow students who are part-time, off campus distance learners to submit without needing to come into University. This will allow equitable treatment for all students who submit work in a textual form.
  • There will be a more consistent use of Turnitin and a more robust anti plagiarism strategy.
  • The use of electronic feedback either audio, video or text based will provide a more robust paperless system which could streamline the moderation process and communication with the external examiners

– Why do I need to include the Assessment Code in the submission point’s title?

The assessment code is a unique identifier for a piece of assessment on your module. It will ensure that all staff and students (SAO, Tutors, SATs, support staff) have information that is consistent across the board (i.e. in the module guide, on student record system etc.) and that assessments are submitted to the correct area.

If you are unsure where to get these codes from, contact your SAT.

– Do students need to submit both paper and e-copies of assessments?

To give tutors enough time to determine best practice (according to their own preferences) for online submission and feedback, the first year of SaGE will run in parallel to the traditional submission method. This will give all Schools, and the Fields within them, time to get to know the systems, train on them and determine their own preferences for online marking.

If you are comfortable with online marking (e.g. if you have taken part in the pilot), you can opt out of accepting paper based submissions. You will need to let the SAO and your SAT know which modules you will be e-assessing.

– What if a student submits a different paper version to the e-submitted version?

In the assessment information that you provide to your students you need to ensure you are very clear and inform them that they will need to submit the same version of the paper in both formats. You may look at the e-version, but equally you may mark the paper based version, so you need to make sure they submit the same version in both formats.

– Who do I contact to get training?

You can get in touch with the Learning Technologist (LT) who is assigned to your School. If you’re not sure who this is have a look at our Contacts page. Your LT will be able to take you through the various methods and tools available so you can determine which is most appropriate to your requirements.

– Why are there two deadlines?

E-submission of work opens up new possibilities where deadlines are concerned. There is no physical barrier to timescales so work can be submitted up until the very end of the day, i.e. 11:59pm. This will be the deadline for all e-submissions. The Student Assignment Office remains in its physical form and therefore has a closing time of 4pm. So, a student will be able to work on their assignment up until 11:59pm on the day of the deadline. To meet the requirements for the first year they will then need to submit a paper version by 4pm the next day.

– Where is all the SaGE guidance?

Information directly relating to SaGE and the recommendations and procedures that are attached to it will be disseminated through this blog site. Information regarding the tools is available through the Help tab on NILE. “SaGE” is the project title, not a piece of software. The tools that are used to mark online exist outside of SaGE and therefore guidance is separate.

– How can I assign letter grades when NILE and Turnitin only accept numeric?

Currently there are various ways in which grades are being made available to students. Limitations of the systems mean that numeric values are the default and therefore conversion of these figures needs to take place. NILE can do this, but it is a bit fiddly. Most tutors are attaching student grades as comments within the document which is returned to the student. If you would like to have a look at using the Grade Centre within NILE to disseminate grades to students please contact your School Learning Technologist who will be able to help you with this.

– How can I try out different methods of  marking online?

One advantage of receiving both a paper and an e-copy of students’ work over the next year is that there will be plenty of opportunity, and papers, for you to experiment with online marking tools. Have a look through the guidance on the Help tab on NILE at the GradeMark and Grade Centre guides to see if one of these suits your needs. You can also get in touch with your School Learning Technologist to have a chat about getting started.

– Can I mark papers on my iPad or tablet device?

No. We’re afraid neither the Grade Centre or Turnitin currently supports iPad or tablet devices.

– What about Health and Safety related to longer periods of time being spent reading onscreen?

If you have concerns regarding the length of time you are reading onscreen we would recommend you have a look through all the Occupational Health pages on the Staff pages. Have a look at the University guidance on working with DSE equipment.


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