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Sent: 24 April 2014 10:09
To: Exchange Users
Subject: Submitting and Grading Electronically (SaGE)

Dear Colleagues

As you will already be aware, the University determined a position of Submitting and Grading Electronically (SaGE) for the vast majority of assessment items last year, with limited provision for exemptions from this requirement.

As we move towards a new academic year, the University is operating on the basis that all items will be dealt with via SaGE unless a specific exemption has been approved by myself.

If you have an item of assessment for the 2014/2015 academic year that you believe cannot be submitted and/or graded electronically you might wish to contact for guidance on what is possible prior to making a formal request for exemption. Training needs are no longer grounds for exemption and staff are able to email colleagues in LT support for training – this support has now been in place for some considerable time and if colleagues have not availed themselves of it previously they are actively encouraged to do so now.

Given the increased use of electronic submission across the whole range of assessment items (including dissertations in some areas) it is necessary for tutors to specify each individual exemption requested, irrespective of whether they have received an exemption for this item in the past.

Fresh applications for exemption must be made by completing the attached spreadsheet giving detailed reasons as to why electronic submission and/or grading is not an option. All applications must be submitted to and received by the end of July 2014. In preparing your fresh application you may find it useful to refer to the attached spreadsheet, which shows your items of assessment submitted to SAO during the 2013/14 academic year.

In addition to any items of assessment that require exemption from SaGE there may be other work that needs to be processed through the Student Assignment Office. For example (but not exclusively):

  • Feedback from a presentation
  • Ethics evaluation forms
  • DVD back up copy of work submitted online
  • Formative interim assignments
  • Log books

In these instances, you need to complete the “reason for request” field on the attached spreadsheet to explain this, as well as provide a submission date.If an assignment is to be submitted through SAO we need the original hand in date and the resit date.

Staffing in the Student Assignment Office has been significantly reduced to reflect the decrease in volume of assignments being submitted in hard copy and it is therefore necessary for me to plan workload management, leave, and other activities very carefully in order to process what should be a known volume of submissions within service level agreements. This is impossible to do if we are unaware of items being submitted. If items of assessment are submitted to SAO that we have not granted specific SaGE exemptions for we will be unable to process these within our service level agreement of 48 hours and this could impact on marking time.

Similarly, please keep us up to date if things change and work will no longer be submitted to SAO, to enable us to optimise our staffing resources.

Colleagues are also reminded that the following activities are wholly inappropriate:

  • Accepting paper copies of work direct from students as an alternative to electronic submission
  • Seeking/Accepting e-mail submissions from students as an alternative to using Turnitin
  • Asking students to submit paper copies to Student Administration teams
  • Asking students to submit paper copies to Student Assignment Office (except where an exemption has been specifically granted)

Colleagues are reminded of the need to ensure that NILE sites reflect the up to date position in relation to SaGE.

I trust this clarifies the position for you, but please contact me by e-mail if you have any queries.


Jill Holden
Assessment and Ceremonies Manager

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