SaGE has been rolled out across the institution and we are continuing to review its uptake by staff and students. Marking electronically enables feedback to be legible, accessible by all and will eventually be more efficient. The transition to online marking is highlighting a number of procedural changes which are currently being addressed.

We currently have different stages of practice ongoing across all the schools. There are a number of users that are already piloting the end to end (submission to external moderation) process where everything is delivered, submitted, marked and fed back fully electronically. There are others that are just getting to grips with the basics of marking electronically and not giving their students a grade through NILE. There are some that are piloting the use of the Rubric tool to build grades and provide clear and concise criteria for assessment within the tools used for submission and marking. The varying practice across Fields and Schools makes developing a central process more challenging, but not impossible. It does impact on the time scales of implementing such a process(es), however. We are currently working on new Workflows that will have more detailed guidance on the second marking and external moderation process we recommend. Keep an eye on the link and this blog for the release of the new version.
If you include steps in your assessment process that you would like to make sure are included/catered for in our recommendations please get in touch with us at to let us know what they are.

Learning Technologists aligned with each School are on hand to support and develop practice. We continue to work with tutors to integrate technology into their assessments, whether that be a simple text based essay, videos, reflective writing etc. Have a look at the Technology for Assessment guide for more information about using electronic tools for assessment. For any advice about using technology in your teaching and assessments practice please get in touch with your Learning Technologist who will be able to help set up the tools and advise you on their use.

Further training sessions on SaGE are now available. If you are unable to attend these  or wish to organise one to one, or group bespoke training then please get in touch and we will deliver training for your needs.

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