The Open University and University of Manchester have undertaken a project to evaluate the effectiveness of e-feedback.

The project team recognises the central role that assignment feedback plays in any form of learning, and that HE students consistently report this as one of the areas in greatest need of improvement.

The project aims to:

  • to examine the ways in which students and tutors actually use spoken and written e-feedback
  • to evaluate the preferences of tutors and students in relation to spoken and written feedback in those contexts
  • to investigate the ways in students relate to the spoken and written e-feedback that they receive
  • to evaluate the extent to which the findings of the above evaluation apply to non-distance institutions in which e-feedback is an emerging practice
  • to identify the areas in which further support is needed in order to maximise the benefits of written and spoken e-feedback
  • to produce a set of training tools for tutors and students

More information can be found on their blog. Keep checking back for their findings and I will post relevant information here as and when it posted.

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