As a bit of guidance regarding online marking, the standard specification of desktop PCs that are supplied through Infrastructure Services (IS) – at the time of this blog post – are up to the job of online marking. We recommended that you use dual screens, or use a large enough monitor so it can be split into 2 halves.

As part of ongoing work with the Psychology division, non standard specifications were put together for a more portable solution for online marking. e.g. a laptop, with a desktop docking solution (external keyboard and mouse and large or dual screen monitor), or a desktop PC with large screen. The basic standard spec includes one monitor. This is based on you keeping your old monitor to use as the second display. If required, you could add a second monitor when ordering equipment.

Have a look at the spreadsheet attached to this post. There are 4 sheets with different specifications, all of which have been ok’d by IS, but of course would depend on funding available at the time of procurement. All prices are subject to change, and you can obviously request other specifications from John Nicholson, the IS Procurement Manager.







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